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Energy efficiency
According to the calculation results of the Institute of Construction Materials, the effectiveness of the use of ALC block instead of clay brick: 
  • Save 10% - 12% for the foundation costs 
  • Save 8% - 10% of the total cost of the raw building
  • Save 15% - 20% of the frame structure 
  • Reduce 2-3 times of the execution time, the cost of management 
Comparison table of GAKIBI ALC with clay brick:
No Compare Contents Baked clay bricks Autoclaved lightweight concrete GAKIBI ALC Result of comparison ALC GAKIBI and Baked clay bricks
1 Proportion (Kg/m3) 1.800 (solid brick)
1.500(two hole brick)
400-800 Lighter, reducing structural foundations and columns, reducing first construction costs by 10-15% 
2 Coefficient of thermal conductivity (W/m0k.) 0,814 0,11-0,22 Better insulation, reducing electricity costs by 40% for air conditioning
3 Sound insulation (db) 28 40-47 Better sound insulation, reducing noise due to the external device triggers
4 Raw materials and production technology Plastic molding and baked in coal or petroleum Using batching cement, sand, lime, gypsum, water, not through baked No environmental pollution
5 Compressive strength (Mpa) 4-12,5 2,5-7,5 Ensure qualified to build load-bearing walls and partition walls
6 Number of bricks/m3  570 72 Reducing the construction operations, shorten construction time
7 The accurate length, width and height blocks (mm) ±6, ±4 và ±3 ±3, ±2 và ±2 Blocks are cut automatically by machine, so even, reducing the consumption of floated concrete
8 Shrinkage (mm/m) No standards < 0,8mm/m Helping the structural engineers calculate more accurate in design
9 Flexibility in shape and size Difficulties due to having undergone plastic molding, drying, calcination combustion Easy Meet all types of walls; help builders easily cut for operation in the field
10 The finishing operations such as assembly lines for electricity, water, nailed to the wall Difficult Easy Actions fast, easy and accurate
11 Speed building in a shift (m2/ca) 8 – 12 25 Speed building is 2 to 3 times faster to complete the wall
12 Resistance to shock Not high, easy self-destruction when shaken Concrete gas block with good crumple  Bearing tremors, earthquakes better 
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