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Nguyen Duy Binh (Investor Representative)
We chose AAC block as it is very light weight, good soundproof and insulation and construction under solutions "No plastering directly" that UDIC KIMBINH is consulting, cost reduction of 30 % compared to red brick.
Lam Van Hieu (Investor Representative)
As a private investor so I have to estimate very carefully. I have chosen AAC as heoretically AAC is good soundproof blocks, suitable for works, rapid pace of onstruction, easy underground wiring. In addition, the nature of the insulation is also very effective and helps owners reduce power for running air -conditioning, significant cost savings.
Mr. Nguyen Quang Dao (Investor Representive - Rubber Corporation)
The original design of the building is to use red brick, but due to the buildings are extra two stories compared with the original design, the need to reduce the work load so we switched to use lightweight concrete blocks. In addition, with the use of AAC blocks, we have complied with the Circular No 09/2012/TT-BXD of the Ministry of Construction issued by the Government of Vietnam.
Mr. Dinh Le Quoc Khanh (Head of Design - CC1)
The use of these blocks will reduce the work load from the walls, chair bars and Pile foundation. Thus, the total investment will be significantly reduced. Furthermore, the construction schedule will be accelerated markedly and complete the works early and help investors shorten the time to tie up funds and soon manufacture finished product to sell.
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