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Manufacturing process
Autoclaved aerated concrete brick GAKIBI ALC is manufactured on modern lines closed , according to the latest standards of the Federal Republic of Germany . The production process consists of the following eight steps :
  •     Raw materials : sand , cement , lime , gypsum , aluminum powder , water
  •     Finished product : aerated concrete bricks GABIKI ALC 
1. Stage rallying raw materials

The main material is transported to the plant by different means . Sand is transported by barge along the Red River and moved to dump sand on the campus of the plant , or by road if necessary . Lime is transported mainly by road and river will be transported by road when necessary . Gypsum is transported mainly by road . Within the plant , each gathering area designed materials separately.
2. The early processing of raw materials
  •     The sand is put into the mill to ensure the smoothness of the sand particles . Cat is mashed with water . After crushing , sand + water solution leads to the solution tank ( slurry tank ) .
  •     Imported cement powder ( amnesty cement ) , cement tank truck carrying cement powder will pump directly into the tank ( silo ) of cement .
  •     Lime will also be pulverized and stored in containers ( silos ) before being mixed into a solution
  •     Gypsum powder is contained in a container ( silo )
  •     Aluminum powder imported powder used in small quantities to be loaded into containers of aluminum powder
3. Mixing Stage
All the material after preliminary processing takes into churn . This process is done completely automatically . The computer will control humidity , temperature and mixing mortar will put each order materials and precision rate , then control the amount of water put into the solution mix , mixing speed and mixing time so that is a solution to ensure the best mortar .
4. The filling process
  •     After mixing stage , the solution was ready for grout filling process . The solution was poured into the mold with a mass in the system automatically calculates .
  •     Mold is placed on a car filling ( Ferry cart ) , moving out into the pouring area is pre-programmed and implemented fully automated .
5. The incubation period ( Curing )
  •     After the solution was poured into the mold , the mold will be taken into vulcanizing chamber , in which the temperature is maintained between 40 - 50oC
  •     It happens in the reaction between calcium hydroxide and aluminum powder lime was my reaction produced hydrogen . The result is a solution in the mold will grow in volume by millions of air bubbles inside.
  •     Curing time lasts about 2 - 3pm .
6. The cutting
  •     After the finish of vulcanization reaction frees hydrogen and liquid end agglomerated ( cake ) to achieve certain adhesiveness , will be put on the cake cutter .
  •     Cutting machine installed size bricks are available and fully automatic control .
  •     Due to cut the outer surface around , this stage should generate surpluses of cake ( slurry waste ) , this extra piece fall into the ditch below the cutter , was transferred to the pit , was hit puree and pumped back into the reservoir solution ( waste slurry tank ) and back stage mix and pour .
7. The appeal period
  •     After completing cutting cake ( cake ) will be put into the chamber of interest
  •     Steaming steel chamber with a diameter of 2m , 32m long
  •     The steam from the boiler level ( Boilers ) and put into the chamber of interest
  •     In the respiratory chamber , air is initially drawn vacuum , then increase the pressure and temperature to 180oC account maintained pressure of about 12 kg/cm2
  •     Complete absorption stage lasts about 10 - 11h ensure the best brick hardness .
8. The grading and packing
  •     End stage respiratory , bricks taken out of the chamber of interest to classify and packaging .
  •     Bricks are placed on pallets and packaged , labeled , date of manufacture , batch production and provide kingly finished areas . 
Material after going through the pre-processing stage mix and pour into molds to put into vulcanising chamber . In this chemical reaction occurs as the solution within the increase in volume due to millions of air bubbles appear . Then sell the product to be cut to size regulations , passed through the chamber and is treated absorption from 10-11 hours. All stages of production are controlled fully automatic .
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