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Develop AAC block towards
In respond to an urgent investment in plants and production line equipments for unburned materials. Howevr, so far - after nearly two years - the manufacturing companies are still struggling to find customers for their products.

People have not yet understood

Understood the outstanding advantages of "green products" so enterprises have enthusiastically responsed the development program of unburned building materials (DOUBM), including the strong development of lightweight concrete. At present, 8 AAC plants have been into production and one prepared to be into production with a total designed capacity of 1.5 million of m3 per year , 17 establishments of foam concrete manufacturing with designed capacity of 0.2 million per m3 . The total capacity of lightweight concrete is 1.7 million m3 per year. In addition, 13 AAC plants with a total capacity of 2.3 million of m3 are being built which will be into production in 2012. Therefore, according to the estimation of Board of building materials at the end of 2012, there will be a total capacity of AAC 3.8 million of m3, not including 13 companies who are establishing or planning projects to invest in production of AAC with a total capacity of 2.25 million of m3.
The rapid development of the establishments manufacturing lightweight concrete raises a big question about the passage of the product when throughout works as well as people still “vague’’ about this product. With wisdom and acumen, many businesses have found and convinced customers to use their products. However, not all enterprises can do that so products are still being "unsold" and inventory or not operate at full designed capacity. Many establishments have the highest capacity less than 50%, the lowest is 20%. Establishments has inventory at the site up to 10 thousand m3 of product (equivalent to 1 month of production). Some plants have halted production. A number of open and closed meetings among the enterprises manufacturing lightweight concrete were held to find a way to for the product.
Mr. Nguyen Duc Hung - Director of AAC VIGLACERA JSC (in Bac Ninh province) said: At present, we are facing a lot of challenges to the development of production for AAC block products. Incomplete legal of AAC product makes businesses very hard to sell our products to building works. In the same opinion, Mr. Kieu Van Mat - General Director of Song Da Cao Cuong JSC (in Hai Duong province) said: The issue that our businesses are interested in product output. I thought it is high time to regulate tall buildings to use from 50-70% of AAC from 2012 and not encourage using 30% of AAC as at present.
Find ways to remove trouble

On the current market, not only AAC but all types of building materials are also unsold  due to our country ’s economic difficulties, high inflation, cut public investment, quiet real estate market, higher interest ... In documents submitted to the Government as well as the Ministry of Construction, Building Materials Association, it has given the difficulties that the AAC block production enterprises are facing to and emphasized: until now, there is no Circular guiding the implementation of Decision 567/QD-TTg; relevant documents such as standards and norms for material, labor, normative design, construction and acceptance of works using AAC product. Therefore, there is no basis to set design, construction, testing, monitoring, acceptance, settlement of construction ... particularly works using the state capital, almost 100 % of works not using lightweight concrete. So investors, the company of design consultants, construction contractors, and many people still doubt to use new product and there is no basis for lightweight concrete products to be designed in works.
However, there is a real need to be recognized seriously, which is in the process of implementation, AAC block investors lack experience and funds are limited. Therefore, they have imported the technology line with the moderate or low, lack of uniformity, not good quality equipments and technology transfer activities, production techniques and technology absorption are not good. This significantly affected the quality of the product. Moreover, AAC block given to market has a higher price than a traditional burnt bricks that the reason why constructions prove reluctant to these "green products".
Mr. Le Van Toi - Director of Department of Building Materials (Ministry of Construction) said: Look out the world, the countries using AAC blocks, they have no AAC standards and instruction. However, in Vietnam, AAC block is new materials with the producers and users and manager. With the advantages of the product, so in addition to ISO 7959:2008 for AAC block were issued in 2008, the Ministry of Construction necessarily needs to issue the standard documents of construction and acceptance; document of the technical and economic level... to support the development of AAC block in Vietnam. Therefore, the Ministry of Construction has tasked the Institute of Building Materials, Construction Economics Institute, Academy of Sciences building technology and research to supplement and continue to improve the standards issued for adequate indicators of products. The units actively deploy to complete and to be issued. The enterprises therefore needs to overcome the disadvantages of the product to reach the market, opening up "green materials" widely used by the people and constructions.
"The Ministry of Construction necessarily needs to issue the standard documents of construction and acceptance; document of the technical and economic level ... to support the development of AAC block in Vietnam".

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