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Will AAC Block be escaped by social houses?
After the decision of the Prime Minister from now up to 2020, traditional baked bricks will be replaced with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). A number of companies are racing to open manufacturing factories such as An Thai Company, Viglacera, Vương Hải (V-block), New Era JSC (E-block), Saigon Vinh Duc JSC (BTONG)...

According to experts , with the advantages of ACC , the price of social houses will be decreased .

50 % reduction in construction costs

According to Le Van Toi – Director of Department of Building Materials ( Ministry of Construction ) - AAC blocks have many advantages such as structural reduction due to weight reduction of finished mortar, cost per 1m2 of wall just equals to 70 - 90% of traditional perforated brick, construction time by 30 % compared with the other bricks, construction clean , very little spillage, mechanized construction ... For manufacturer, An Thai Company – the AAC largest manufacturing enterprise in Vietnam with the ultimate output plant ( 300.000m3/year ) – said that the practical building calculation shows that 1m2 of wall constructed by finished AAC block wall of 10 cm thickness will be 343,000 VND/m2, red brick is 501.153 VND/m2.
Thus reducing 159.153 VND/m2. In addition, cost savings of scaffold for plastering. "I take the example of construction of the 173 Xuan Thuy building: compare the weight built by AAC block with red brick, the reduction is 14,978 tonnes, equivalent to 70.5% of weight built by brick red. Cost of AAC block  is reduced to 159.153d/m2 compared to brick red. With one works of the tens of thousands of building square meters that an investor can save a lot of money, "said leader of Thai company.
With these advantages, many building experts believe that AAC blocks will be excellent products for the development of social houses that the government of Vietnam is promoting to develop in the future. As  the aboved calculation, AAC block will reduce weight of construction wall and mortar leading decrease of works structures. Construction time is shortened considerably, construction cost is cheaper than built by conventional red brick. According to Dr. Pham Sy Liem, if uniformly applied from AAC block to paint on the  social houses, the price will be reduced by 50% compared with the current construction costs.
Is it still hard to find customers?
According to a survey by the Ministry of Construction , in the world , annual revenue of Xella Group up to 1.2 EUR billion from ACC block . In China, there are thousands of AAC block factories . In Thailand, AAC block is commonly used due to the high taxation for using clay resources. In Australia, it is obligatory to use AAC green products . In Vietnam,  however, many plants produce only 50 % of designed capacity but consume only 15-20%. There are many reasons , including the frozen real estate market , consumption habits ... , AAC block also cause a lot of disadvantages as it very chooses accompanying materials, it can not be built with cement but with the unique type of mortar etc... The production technology is originally applied from countries such as Germany , Thailand or China to ensure standards but AAC block and other materials in buildings are incompatible which leads to some " accidents " as in the Ecopark project.
Ministry of Construction said, until now, many AAC manufacturing companies  has boldly invested to seek solutions of synchronous execution, combining secondary materials in construction of AAC like block adhesives, skimcoat layer  for constraints of AAC block to be completely eliminated; promote its inherent advantages in construction.
According to the roadmap approved by the Prime Minister, from now up to 2020, baked brick will be completely replaced with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). The Ministry of Construction has issued several circulars No 09/2012/TT-BXD dated November 28, 2012, the capital budget works must use AAC to save the state budget. Many experts have identified  that at present, this is the exit door for AAC block and also contribute to lower price for social houses!

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