Autoclaved lightweight concrete

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Technical service
Solution of technical services of GAKIBI ALC based on system throughout the process from pre-sales, while sales and after sales. According to each client’s needs on echnical requirements and reasonable expenses, GAKIBI ALC will provide customers with a total solution for product quality, system structure and estimation of the most reasonable investment.

Pre-sales services:
  • Technical support: According to the needs of each client and characteristics of each project, we provide different kinds of products to meet customer needs.
  • Estimated cost: We help clients analyze the number of product that customers need, detailed estimates of cost related to the need to construction works. It is essential for customers in building as the customer will be able to manage finance more easily, avoid losses.
Services in the sales process: 
  • Advice, propose solutions of the optimal techniques.
  • Construction training: Assign technical staffs who have experience to take the training directly to the builders.
  • Support: Each project has its own unique characteristics (eg: contructions in lane, no gathering place for products...), we will advise, help customers choose mode of transportation, unloading the product to works so that transportation costs are lowest.
  • Machines and Tools: Provide specialized construction equipments, and staff to support up to improve efficiency, quality and reduce damage, shorten the construction period.
  • Technical staff of GAKIBI ALC will visit the customer’s works regularly to solve all the technical problems commonly encountered in construction work.
After sales service:
  • GAKIBI ALC provides customers with certificate of product, certificate of materials quality assurance and a variety of other materials and services. Ensure the works will be completed smoothly.
  • Feedback Management: GAKIBI ALC staff take care very seriously any feedback of our customers, and maintain effective benefits for customers, especially the establishment of a service system of customer complaints to resolve promptly. 
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